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Weekly Summary #4

This week was a bit over whelming at first because I am currently in Tennessee so I was stressing out about when I was going to put the time aside to do the assignments. I planned what I was going to do before I came down here so that helped out a bit. I looked through the assignment bank and looked at which assignments could be easiest as well as the best to show where I have been this week. I felt like making movies versus audio was a lot easier. I had to take some time to learn Wondershare Filmora which is the app I used to create my videos but after pressing buttons to see what they do I was able to figure it out. I feel like I am getting positive feedback on my blog as well as getting some questions answered. Someone helped me figure out how to extend sounds in my audio clips so they don’t just abruptly stop, which will help me a lot in week 5 because I will need to do audio for that based off my planning. I also feel like I made some improvement this week because for my assignments I showed pictures for my explanations of how to create what I did.

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For Both of my video assignments I did them at the Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg Tennessee, I felt like it would be a good place because it’s different and not somewhere/ something you see everyday. Hope You Enjoy.

Ripley’s Aquarium

Capture The Ripley’s Beauty

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