Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary #3

This week was probably the most challenging for me so far. I am still trying to learn how to use audacity and get comfortable with the idea of audio. I don’t really like recording myself or my voice so that will be something I know I have to get ready for as we get ready to start week four. I feel like I learned a great deal this week just as I have the last two weeks. This week I learned how to paint a picture for the person who is on the other side, the listener. I learned you both are created this overall story that one is describing the story with great detail sharing every little piece possible and the listener is creating the picture based off of that audio. I never thought this deeply into anything we have discussed thus far until now and it really truly amazes me. One Question I am still trying to figure out is in regards to audacity, how do you cut a file length? For example for one of my assignments you were only supposed to use 30 seconds of a song but I couldn’t figure out how to make it just 30 seconds and cut/delete the rest of the song. This week I feel like I still completed the assignments to the best of my ability and I made them work the ways I could figure out how. I enjoyed thinking out of the box for some of my audio assignments like thinking of sounds to describe peace instead of words like we normally use. One thing I really need to continue to work on is telling and showing how I do each of my assignments. This week I feel like I was more detailed but next week I really need to remind myself to use photos to explain how I did everything to re-iterate my words.

Links to Assignments/Reflections/Daily Creates

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3. Summary on Moon Graffiti

Daily Creates

1. Oh The Places You Will Go!

2. Chase That Phrase!

3. Mom You’re The Bomb

4. Lies

Audio Assignments
1. Summer Hits 2017
2. Drive In Movie
3. Peace
4. All I Need In This Life Is Your Crazy Love

As Far As feedback I feel like I have gotten back positive feedback on my assignments and by looking at others it gave my some ideas as to what to maybe think about in the future when creating assignments. I enjoyed looking at my classmates work and some of their ideas were similar to mine which I think is also cool.

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