Final Project

weekly summary #5

These past five weeks have flown by, I’ve enjoyed each week and I’ve enjoyed each assignment that I have done. I learned the most about audio and video. I have never worked with video or audio so learning how to create a audio clip with audacity was very fun. I had no idea until week four how to create audio clips with multiple sounds. I also learned how to create videos with multiple clips like I did for my Ripley’s Aquarium video. I also learned different things about movies and audio about how to tell a story with audio by painting a picture for the listener to interpret. I learned how movies get different perspective by showing certain angles like from below and zooming in a face or object. One of the major things I learned during these last few weeks was how to create and update a blog which I really enjoyed because I’ve always wanted to make one just never knew what to blog about. I also learned in week two how to create gifs which was fun I just need to learn how to make them slower because I still can’t figure that part out. If I took the class over again I would definitely remember to do pictures with my tutorials because I realized that it helps others be able to create assignments or stuff for their personal use. I feel like I did good on all assignments other than the tutorials. The most excited project for me during these five weeks was the final project. I liked being able to re iterate my favorite story as well as make some tweaks along the way in order to create the final project. The Grinch is my favorite movie of all time so I’m glad we were able to do something like that and not have to make a character up but had the option too.

Links to Tutorials For This Assignment

Tutorial For T-Shirt Design

Tutorial For Music Playlist

Tutorial for Event Advertisement

Tutorial for Billboard

Tutorial for Sound Effect Story

Link To My Final Project!!!

Final Project

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