Final Project

The Grinch That Stole Christmas

Once upon a time in a town known as Who-ville home to all of the who’s, everyone was celebrating the most important holiday of the year, Christmas! On the top of Mount Crumpit lived a different kind of who, who wasn’t a who at all. The Grinch lived on the top of Mount Crumpit. The Grinch was a grumpy creature, who lived in a cave inside of Mount Crumpit.

The Grinch has lived here since he was a young boy, ever since his classmates sent him running from bullying. He was very excited for the annual gift exchange at school with his classmates.

He made a beautiful angel tree topper for his crush Martha May Whovier. All of the classmates, Augustus Maywho in particular made fun of him because he cut himself shaving numerous times. The Grinch demolished the classroom and all of the students ran away in havoc.

The Grinch spent the rest of his life up on the top of Mount Crumpit and hated Christmas. His heart has grown two sizes to small since that day He was lonely, the only company he had was his dog Max. Young Cindy Lou Who learned about the Grinch and began to feel extremely bad for him. Cindy asked around whoville in order to learn about the Grinch and learned how he had been bullied as a young boy. Cindy felt very bad for the Grinch and wanted to nominate him to be the Holiday Cheer Meister.

Cindy Lou Who climbed all the way to the top of Mount Crumpit and invited the Grinch as well as told him he was nominated to be the Holiday Cheer Meister and was given a t-shirt.

The Grinch went to the Who – Bilation and celebrated with the who’s. The Grinch participated in the potato sack race, who pudding cook off, egg nog contest, as well as a gift exchange. Mayor Augustus Maywho gave the Grinch the gift of a Christmas Shave. This set the Grinch to remember his past and grow very angry. He then destroyed all of the Christmas Decorations. However the Who’s always have a spare of everything and were able to re decorate Whoville in no time.

The Grinch Wrecks Whoville

The next day the Grinch is laying in his bed after stealing Christmas from the who’s listening to his I Hate Christmas Playlist to try to keep the dreaded holiday off his mind.

Grinch’s Playlist !

Cindy Lou Who comes to visit the Grinch on Christmas day as the presents are all about to fall off the mountain and the Grinch realizes what Christmas is really all about. He saves Christmas by saving the presents he stole and brings them to whoville and brings everyone back to his cave to have a feast for Christmas. The Grinch’s heart grew 3 sizes that day.

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