So You Think You Know Me

This is my first Visual Assignment, the assignment is called You in Collage Form. You were supposed to find pictures, meme’s, words etc that describe you. I chose four main words and photos that I felt describe me best. The first one is a quote that I live by which is “I refuse to sink” I love that quote because it reminds me that I can do it. I’ve been having trouble the last couple months in one of my classes and I just keep telling myself I refuse to sink, almost meaning in my head that I refuse to give up or fail. The next thing I chose was smart because even though I feel dumb as a box of rocks sometimes when it comes to programming I know that I’m smart and one day will understand it if I keep trying. The third one was the word Family, Family is very important to me and I am very close with most of my family. Even though we have our fair share of problems (but really who doesn’t?) I know that they are always there for me and have my back. The last thing I chose to describe myself is love because I just feel like it’s a beautiful thing. It makes me happy to see people in love, or the love between parents and children, or even people and their animals, I may be weird for that but who cares haha.

The way I created this collage was an app on my iphone called LiveCollage which I use very often. I used google images to find the images that I used for this collage.,g_2:the%20word&imgrc=s_gdA4Knv_ySoM:

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