River Otters !

My last visual assignment for week 1, is love your animal or favorite animal. Obviously I don’t own a river otter even though I wish I did. River otters/ sea otters are my favorite animal. I think they are so cute and they seem like really cool animals I could watch them swim under water and interact with one another all day long. When I go to a zoo or an aquarium you can guarantee that’s the only reason I am really going. In California there is this place where you can swim with river otters or sea otters and they will come right up in your arms almost like your able to hold them, this place is on my bucket list.

To make the collage I used LiveCollage which is an app I downloaded on my IPhone however, I think it is also available on android also. The photos I got are from google images I just went to google and typed in river otters and selected a few of my favorites that I saw.

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