Do You Ever Listen To Me?

My third visual assignment is the Your very own spubble. So this photo isn’t exactly a selfie but I felt like I could make it work. This photo was taken in Missouri of my boyfriend and I. We had just finished taking cute photos to admire the scenery behind us and I believe my mom texted me, but I decided to use the online shopping blurb instead because we are in the middle of the woods where I probably didn’t even have service to online shop (although I love to, amazon, sephora, ulta are my weakness), and to try to make you laugh because of the atmosphere of the photo. I can’t multitask as far as talking to people and trying to text someone, I will start texting what I am talking if that even makes sense, so I truly probably was not listening to what he was saying, or if I was I was probably texting it to my mom and then confusing myself.

Photo credits go to my boyfriends mom

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