A Tour of The Castle

My fourth visual assignment is Room Tour, I gave you a tour of my bedroom as well as my office/tv room. My bed room you can see mint/ teal are my favorite colors right now. It’s a bit out of control to be honest, my bathroom is decorated in the mint color, and my car is decked out in the mint camo color. I have seat covers, floor mats, steering wheel cover, sun visors, and a license plate cover. I know exactly what your thinking. You are thinking based off this picture the mint camo is not the problem, the problem is all of the bath and body works I have on that shelf. Which you are absolutely right I have an obsession with bath and body works, it’s pretty bad I’ll admit. The second room is my office/TV room which I spend a lot of nights and days in there doing my homework because sitting in my bed kills my back after a while. The whole room is decorated with pictures of New York, mostly the city, I have one picture that is a three section but currently one of the sections is on the ground because it fell off the wall so that picture is not shown here. I hope you all enjoyed my tour and don’t judge me to hard on the bath and body works.

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