So You Think You Can Read A Movie?

After reading the How to read a movie article by Robert Ebert I thought it was very interesting that before teaching he had never taken a single film course and that he started teaching in order to teach himself. I learned a couple different things by reading this article, right is more positive, left is more negative, movement towards the right is more favorable, movement towards the left is less favorable, the future lives on the right, the past is on the left, and the top is dominant over the bottom. I also thought it was really interesting all the examples Robert Ebert gave on the different angles of characters and what that means about their role or the personality of that character.

The first video I watched was One-Point Perspective which of course showed examples of one point perspective. It was a bit difficult at first to understand because their are no words in the video, but I realized that every clip focused on the middle of the room that’s where the characters always were.

The second video I watched was The Shining – Zooms I thought this video was a bit creepy which is probably the effect it wanted to have. I realized that each video clip that pop’d up started far away and by the end it was zoomed closer on the character present in the clip.

The last video I watched was Tarantino // From Below This video focused on the scene from below it made me feel like I was in the movie. Like they were talking to me or looking at me. It was a bit weird at certain parts having that feeling. Watching all three of these videos made you think because we see these techniques in movies we watch everyday.

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