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Ripley’s Aquarium !

For my first video assignment of the week I choose to do the Time Lapse Assignment. You were to record 1-2 second videos all day as many as you can and then create a video with all of the clips combined together. I choose this assignment because this week I am visiting my Grandparents for my Grandfathers 73rd Birthday and today we went to the aquarium so I felt these clips would be something everyone would enjoy.

Steps to create this Time Lapse using Wondershare Filmora
1. open the application and then click new project

2. The next step is to import your videos

3. The next step is to add each clip to your video by hovering over the clip and hitting the red plus sign

The last step is to export and create the video

1 thought on “Ripley’s Aquarium !

  1. I went there a couple of times when I was a kid! 10 years later and I still think that aquarium is awesome. I have never heard of filmora but it looks pretty cool. Great job! And enjoy your time in Tennessee!

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