Hey Listen to This

The clip I watched was Rocky 3 . I choose this movie clip because I enjoy watching all of the Rocky movies and I felt like it would be a good movie to use in order to go through the three steps of this assignment.

For the first step of just watching the film with no sound I noticed a lot of different things:
Camera Angles: beach, zoom in technique on Rocky and his wife during their fight, or during rocky’s run on the beach during the training scene, angle of rocky from behind the punching bag, angle between the space of the ropes on the rings while Rocky is boxing, angle of Rocky’s shoes while training, and the zoom in of their thighs while they are running on the beach.

Camera Switching: The camera switched every time Rocky or his wife would begin talking during their argument on the beach

There were numerous cuts during the movie or in this case cuts between different places: beach, Rocky running, the gym where rocky was training, and the swimming pool that rocking was swimming in during training.

For the second step just listening to the video without watching the clip, it clarified a lot of things I wasn’t able to understand the first time when I just watched the video. I thought Rocky and Adrian were arguing when I first watched the film but after listening to it I was able to see that they were not exactly arguing.

Pacing on dialog: the pace of the dialog increased during the beginning of Rocky and Adrian’s conversation on the beach and by the end of their conversation the pace of their dialog slowed down. Space in audio I didn’t really notice any while listening to the clip.

Use of sounds and music: use of piano music during the end of Rocky and Adrian conversation, piano music increases at the end of their conversation and when Rocky begins training you hear the sound of trumpets, and drums.

After watching and listening to the film at the same time, it put together the first two parts. I was able to to figure out the conversation Rocky and Adrian were having on the beach and realize it wasn’t an argument that she was just trying to get through to him about what was wrong with him.

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