Redd’s Productions

For my 4th design assignment I chose the create your own logo. My logo is Redd’s Productions I know it’s a weird name but for about two years I have been creating my friends mix tape covers. I had this idea to create this productions project where I helped people create music covers, websites, business cards etc at no charge. I did it this way because I wanted to get experience in designing and I felt that would be the best way to do it as well as most enjoyable. I got the interest in design during an internship I had with a company that produced websites. The name Redd’s Productions comes from me having red hair and a lot of people call me red, redhead, etc, so I stuck with it and productions because I am producing something.

In order to create this logo I found the background on google images and then added the font to the photo using and Adobe Photoshop. I used the horizontal type tool to type the text onto the photo and the layer options to add effects to the text as well as change the color.

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