My Life In Photos

For my last design assignment of week two I decided to do the storytelling through photos. In case there is any confusion I will explain my story of photos. I didn’t start my story when I was born in this case. I decided to start my story a little later, when I graduated from High school. The first picture of my collage is the day I graduated high school June 15, 2013. The 2nd picture in my collage is my graduation photos when I was graduating from Germanna Community College in May of 2016 with my Associates Degree in Information Systems Technology, Two career studies certificates in E-Commerce and Micro Computer Applications for Business. The 3rd and 4th picture are also from my graduation photos. My 5th and 6th photo is explaining the next part of my journey at the time and my present as of today. My next step would be the University of Mary Washington where I will get my Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

In order to create this collage I downloaded an app from the app store on my iphone called LiveCollage which can also be used on Androids.

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  1. I really liked how you approached this assignment; from the beginning of your adult career rather than from birth. It’s also incredibly amazing and awesome to see women in the computer science and technology fields!!! I am legit jealous because I desperately wanted to be in the computer science field, but alas…having a full-time job kind of stunts that. But great job on the assignment!!

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