Fragile Bridge

Made up photo
Original Photo in St. Louis Missouri

For my 2nd design assignment of the week I chose to do the mandatory one. I was having trouble with this one but after looking through some of the submissions I got some ideas. The original picture is my boyfriend and I when we were on vacation in Missouri and we went to St. Louis for the day. We were waiting to go into the St. Louis Arch in this photo and decided to take some scenic photos because we rarely ever took photos before this vacation. I got the idea for this assignment from So I decided to change it up a bit of course. In the original photo I was on his back and laughing because I was convinced that he was going to somehow drop me in the water behind us. So I decided to use a fragile bridge as something we would have to cross and I highly doubt either of us would have a smile on our face, or that I would even cross such a fragile bridge in the first place. I’d take my chances going another way.

In order to create this photo I found the picture of the fragile bridge on google images and opened it in Adobe Photoshop, then I opened our photo and began using the magic wand tool to delete the background of the photo and I also used the lasso tool to do the same thing. I then clicked and dragged it over to the fragile bridge and moved the image to the beginning the bridge the best I could. For the Adobe Photoshop I used the free trial version.

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