Butterfly In The Sky

For my first design assignment of the week I chose to create my own tattoo. I am a terrible artist therefore I used google images, and
Adobe Photoshop. This is a tattoo design I have been wanting for a long time but I am to chicken to get it done. I am terrified of needles. Obviously the background for the tattoo is not very realistic but the idea that I am wanting is a butterfly to be flying into the sky, clouds, Heaven. The colors of the wings on the butterfly each stand for something different. The blue part of the wing symbolizes my brother that passed away eight years ago, my step mom was only about 3 or 4 months along when she had a miscarriage and we found out it was a boy. The Pink wing symbolizes my Aunt Missy who passed away 10 years ago from Breast Cancer, and pink is the color of the breast cancer ribbon. The light green symbolizes my cousin Ashley who passed away in a car accident 8 years ago and her favorite color was lime green.

In order to create this design I downloaded the free trial of Adobe Photoshop and uploaded the background image. I then opened the butterfly and dragged it over top on the background and in order to make the background of the butterfly transparent I used the magic wand tool. In order to get the wings different colors I used the brush tool.

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