Create a Photo Safari !


I chose to take these photos at Kings Dominion because my step sister is in town and I thought it would be a different atmosphere and possibly easier to find things to take pictures of. In a way it was easier because you can get a bunch of different view for photos however it was also kind of hard. Finding a photo for one dominant color was difficult because everything is so colorful at Kings Dominion. I wanted to get all of the photos taken in 15 minutes however I found myself having issue with that, I was not able to find something futuristic there at all and I really wanted to get that photo. The photos that worked best for me were: picture of a dominant color, picture of an interesting shadow, a photo at an unusual angle, photo in the bright light, a photo of someone else’s shoe or foot, and a photo of a repeating pattern. I think the photo that was most inventive was the photo of the bricks in a repeating pattern.

2 thoughts on “Create a Photo Safari !

  1. I have to say, at first glance I really thought you were in Paris, taking a picture by the Eiffel Tower! Kings Dominion is still really cool though–I haven’t been able to go in years. I think my favorite photo out of these is the interesting shadow one, since you’re right and it does look kind of like a camel. The interesting shadow, blurred motion, and futuristic pics were the ones I had the most trouble with. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who struggled with finding something futuristic! It’s tough to look around and find something that says ‘futuristic’ right away.

    1. Yes! I agree, I was constantly thinking to myself futuristic? What does that even mean? It’s almost like you had to create something in the photo that could be created in the future haha.

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