Summer Hits 2017

For the first Audio bank assignment I decided to create my own mixtape. I choose this assignment because in the summer I like to listen to a lot of different music with my windows down in the car and almost feel like I am on a road trip. This playlist is not all of the songs I listen to because theirs hundreds. These however are some of the main ones. On this play list their are several genres: country, rock, and hip hop such as Kane Brown, Josh Turner, The Weeknd, Brantley Gilbert

Check Out My Playlist !

In order to make this playlist I used soundcloud and typed in each song individually and then found the correct song, then clicked the more button and clicked add to playlist and selected the playlist I wanted to add the song too.

1 thought on “Summer Hits 2017

  1. Your playlist sounds so good! I wish I had the upgraded Soundcloud Go+ so I could listen to the full songs instead of just the previews. Looks like I’ll be searching on YouTube for those songs!

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