For my next Audio Assignment I choose to do Emotions Through Sound. I picked this assignment because I thought it would be a fun and different assignment compared to others that I saw in the assignment bank. I enjoyed trying to think of different sounds to describe the feeling and emotion of peace compared to how it is normally described in words. I choose to use the sounds of rain, thunder, waterfalls, and night time like crickets and things like that because those things to me are peaceful and relaxing. To others it may not be peaceful especially thunder but for me i always feel peaceful during a storm. I know I sleep a lot better during a storm which I sometimes find weird.


The way I created this assignment was through to find the sounds I wanted to use, then I used audacity to combine the sounds together, then I used soundcloud to upload and share the file. I searched for each sound I wanted to use and then clicked on it and hit download. Once I had all four sounds I wanted to use I opened audacity and imported all four of the sounds and played them to make sure I heard what I wanted too. The next step was to export the project and then upload it to soundcloud and then share it in this assignment.

2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. This was such a lovely assignment! The sounds you chose are so relaxing and ideal; it’s like cozy noise to read a book to or watch Netflix with a cup of hot chocolate.
    The only thing is that I notice the sound of the water and chirping come to a complete stop during the audio rather than flowing off into one another. I had a similar occurance in one of my assignments, but found that if you highlight the ending of a sound, you can go to effects and click the “fade out” option which will slowly fade the end of a sound to make it flow better.
    However, regardless…this was still so peaceful and you did a great job! 🙂

  2. The sounds you chose for this assignment were perfect! (I thought I heard some distant thunder in there maybe which I love). The only thing I can recommend is to include screenshots when you’re taking about Audacity. There are a lot of features in there and some people may not be able to find them.
    Awesome job overall!

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