Ira Glass On Storytelling

I watched and listened to the first two parts of Ira Glass on Storytelling. I really enjoyed listening to both parts and I learned a lot. I learned that broadcasting was not like writing a story and there are two building blocks in broadcasting: anecdote and sequence of events. During the first part of the video I found something very interesting. When he began telling what he described as a boring story I found myself on the edge of my seat because he kept describing the quite house and the man was looking around. I kept feeling like something scary was going to happen. I didn’t know whether to turn down my speakers in case a scream all of a sudden happened or to turn my head in case on of the creppy faces popped up on my screen. Then Ira Glass said that was the sequence of events because one thing kept happening after another and the story was putting you in suspense.

During part two I found it interesting that the amount of time you take to look for stories is greater than producing them because I always thought it was the opposite. Glass made a good point because he said him and the people he works with sometime spend up to half of the week just looking for stories and then the other half producing them or tweaking them because once they began producing the story something doesn’t go right, like an interview or something like that. I really enjoyed learning about both videos. I plan to watch the other two videos when I have more time.

Part One
Part Two

Jad Abumrad

Watching his video How Radio Creates Empathy I also really enjoyed. I enjoyed learning the absence of picture in radio. I thought it was cool how he described the sun when he was walking up the stairs to go into the studio for the interview, and I started painting the sun in my head based off of his description. Then he said that allows a connection between two people or multiple people because one is describing something and the other or others are painting the picture so in a sense you both are holding the paint brush allowing you to create the final photo.

How Radio Creates Empathy

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