All I Need In This Life Is Your Crazy Love

For my last audio assignment I decided to do the Your Favorite Song Assignment. You had to choose your favorite song and then remove the lyrics and upload it to soundcloud and see if anyone can guess what your favorite song is. I thought this would be fun to see if anyone can figure out the song. I tried to choose one of the easier ones as far as my favorites. I choose the song I choose because when my boyfriend and I began dating this particular song would come on every time we got in the car together, went out to eat, were in a store, it just followed us so it became our song.

Favorite Song

In Order to create this song I used the original music video from youtube, then googled a youtube converter to transfer the video into an mp3 file. Once I did that I opened Audacity and imported the song, in order to remove the lyrics I clicked the effects tab and hit vocal remover and then that took out the lyrics. After that I exported the project and saved it and then uploaded it to soundcloud in order to make the link for you to hear the song.

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